B&W CHALLENGE – DAY 3: Show me your willy

Dungeness is a unique environment created from eroded material from the last ice age and is classed as a ‘desert’ . It is also the largest single land mass in Europe that is completely covered in photographers.  Steve Mepsted, included an image from Dungeness in his B&W CHALLENGE, as well as nominating me after Wendy had, so I thought I should add another one.

The thing is Estelle Vincent, you went down there and liked Dungeness too. So, in recognition of that and the years of working together at Zoom In Photography, I nominate you and look forward to seeing some processes I never thought were possible.


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Soviet built sports centre in disrepair covered in snow and minus 16, what better definition of Fun is there?

This is my second picture in my black and white challenge “Post a B&W photo each day for five days and nominate a new soul each day to do the same.”

I tend not to shoot very frequently, but some photographers do. It can lead to disastrous and boring results, but my next nominee Pipi always shoots, and always seems to make a spark and pull something unexpected out, there is that photographers hunger in her eyes, so its over to you Pipina Peperina.



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B&W CHALLENGE – DAY 1: Fortune Cookie

Day 1 of my Facebook B&W challenge. My friend from years ago Wendy Ashton kindly nominated me. She is now in back in California, but was an occasional assistant for me years ago. I can’t find a link to a website for her work , so if you are reading this Wendy, send me a link and I will drop it in.

For anyone who hasn’t seen the challenge before, the idea is to upload a black and white picture each day for 5 days and nominate a new person each day to continue. This is pyramid selling of virtual silver halides that has a problem when the last photographer to do it realises there are no photographers left. Those of us who do not have restraining orders will then have to trawl around the schools and colleges seeking out virgin 5 day B&W challenge people to gratify our needs. Thank goodness there are still enough photographers left for me to find five.

Choosing five pictures is tricky, so I have narrowed it to only images I have never printed/published before that have been shot in the last couple of years, otherwise it is a bit mad!

I have nominated my first photographer Vassa Nicolaou (http://www5.clikpic.com/vassanicolaou/).

Good luck Vassa.

Fortune Cookie

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CONSTELLATION – show of fine art tutors at Kensington and Chelsea College

Fine art tutors at my college have a show which opens tomorrow. This covers painting, sculpture, printmaking and, of course, photography. Because of space, it really is only possible to get one, or so, piece of work per person, so I just have the one picture in, but if you are in the area, do drop by.


Kensington and Chelsea College, Hortensia Road, London SW10 0QS

constellation 3

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The Shot I Never Forgot

I was recently at the Brighton Biennial, some fantastic work and an amazing event, and saw a show called “The Shot I Never Forgot”. What was interesting was the range of personal shots and stories, not always in the photographers normal style, but with some interesting insights into why the shot was taken.

There was also an invitation to submit more (http://theshot.ourworldmyeye.com/). So I thought I would.

This picture was taken in Keighley in Yorkshire back in the late 1970s. I had been taking landscape pictures and was just about to head back to London as the light was getting very flat and the contrast was poor (even for Pan-F film). I turned around and coming towards me was a man carrying a cat passing some children playing. I had just one chance at the shot.

He told me that it was his cat, but the harder economic times in the north meant he had less work and could no longer afford the rent and was moving to a cheaper place. The new place would not allow pets and he was giving his cat to a friend. He thought the cat might be happier in the new place, although he was sad to lose her.

There was a gentle warmth in all that he said, a resignation to the inevitable, a personal loss in the teeth of a major economic decline.

This shot I will never forget.

Keighley - man with cat

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Hidden Rivers



Hidden Rivers is my full time students end of year show. It opens on 17th July and you are most welcome to join me at the Private View.

This years work contains an amazing variety of both conventional and experimental images put together by a strong and cohesive bunch of photographers.

Don’t take my word for it, come to the show, or if you can’t come, take a look at the online CATALOGUE.

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F-Stop Printing Calculator App

Hi all darkroom boys and girls,

My F-Stop Printing Calculator App is now live and available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android gadgets.

It has some advantages over the web version in that it is portable and it has a red light mode allowing it to be used, with care and Aiplane mode switched on, inside the darkroom where you need it.

Best of all, it is free, has no ads and no in app purchases.

Digitaltruth Photo have built it, so you can find it on their site. Click the icon.



You can also reach it via my support pages for the web app by clicking here.

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