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Seems like WordPress gets more clunky and less attractive with every upgrade, so I am going to put more regular updates and pictures on my Instagram/Twitter/Facebook page and just have longer pieces here. So, the links are: brucetanner_photographer – my

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This is my students End of Year show, do come and see it. You can see some work at their website Of the 27 finishing, 9 are non-UK EU nationals, a similar percentage to previous years. They bring a

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I am curating this show of former students at Kensington and Chelsea College. Do come, great work. If you can’t make it, then the site is here.

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Focussing Screens

This is for the photographers looking at this, but it doesn’t have a photograph! I don’t normally push products, but this one is brilliant and not really heard of in the UK. When all lenses were manual focus, camera manufacturers

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A world so full of superheros, that sometimes you just pass on by. Took my nerdling¬†to London Comic Con, my only regret was just taking a compact camera, but I will know next time. I suppose I don’t quite understand

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Easter holidays

It’s a long time since I have seen the word ‘buxom’ used without irony, but here in remote north Devon¬†things are different. Stayed in a great hotel, right on the seafront, all those helpful things, fantastic, English resorts have a

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