Based in London, with a strong editorial background, and more than 24 years experience, my work covers a range of specialisms including documentary, portraits and animals as well as my own personal projects. I have covered social issues (particularly homelessness), environmental subjects concerned with both rural and urban matters (including many landscape pictures), animals and education. I am used to working with the voluntary sector and am experienced in dealing with vulnerable groups. I am currently happy to be involved in any projects which oppose Brexit and keep us in the EU for nil or reduced fees. I am always interested in unusual projects and happy to be contacted on this.The links on this page will take you to my main web site, or you can reach the home page here.

I have shot all pictures for twelve animal books and contributed images to many others and now have a large number of hard to source animal images. My interest in exploring our relationship with animals has led to an ongoing personal project “Dogs in Wigs“, a study of anthropomorphism and depression through humour.

I also work a lot in panoramic formats, both swing lens and conventional on 35mm film.

My work is with both film and digital images. I use Photoshop and am an experienced black and white printer.

I have a degree in Photography from the University of Westminster, and I also teach photography both in colleges and with community projects as well as one to one. I can set up short or long courses, one to one, any size workshop, just contact me if you are interested. I have a PGCE and am DBS checked.

Please take a look at my gallery and contact me if you need more information.



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