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Seems like WordPress gets more clunky and less attractive with every upgrade, so I am going to put more regular updates and pictures on my Instagram/Twitter/Facebook page and just have longer pieces here. So, the links are:

brucetanner_photographer – my main Instagram feed.

brucetanner_eu_photographer – my Instagram feed of images of the campaign to oppose brexit.

I am also on Twitter bruce_t_photo and Facebook @BruceTannerPhotographer

Or you can just go straight to the website.

Look for the dog!

I am a photographer and photography teacher working in the editorial field and fine art area. I have a range of specialisms including animal and environmental photography, landscape and documentary, and portraiture. I teach in all these areas as well as in both analogue (film) and digital media including darkroom and Photoshop post production. I teach both in colleges and community based projects, but can also offer one-to-one teaching. I wrote the IOS, Android and Amazon Fire app to help calculate fractions of a stop when darkroom printing, follow tab to details. Use the Contact page of my main website to get in touch.

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