Focussing Screens

This is for the photographers looking at this, but it doesn’t have a photograph! I don’t normally push products, but this one is brilliant and not really heard of in the UK.

When all lenses were manual focus, camera manufacturers introduced different aids for focussing, the most popular being split image. Once auto-focus arrived, these disappeared and plain screens with AF points are now normal.

I had misgivings over the accuracy of some of these in subjective terms – where did you focus to put something on the edge of a particular depth of field, in landscapes hyperfocal distance was a problem as AF chose infinity!

With my Nikon D600, I tried hard with my older AIS manual lenses to focus but it wasn’t easy and they are so sharp with a lovely colour rendition.

Then I read about a company Focussing Screen (in Taiwan) who adapt the bright K3 screen for the manual FM3a to fit a Nikon D600.

So, I bought one and it has just arrived. 10 minutes to fit it and, fantastic, I can use all my manual lenses accurately, control depth of field and hyperfocal distance all using a clean bright viewfinder with a SPLIT IMAGE centre.

So, photography friends, you will understand how useful this is, anyone else would have given up reading this earlier on!


I am a photographer and photography teacher working in the editorial field and fine art area. I have a range of specialisms including animal and environmental photography, landscape and documentary, and portraiture. I teach in all these areas as well as in both analogue (film) and digital media including darkroom and Photoshop post production. I teach both in colleges and community based projects, but can also offer one-to-one teaching. I wrote the IOS, Android and Amazon Fire app to help calculate fractions of a stop when darkroom printing, follow tab to details. Use the Contact page of my main website to get in touch.

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