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Thought I would start the year by dipping into my back catalogue a bit. Back in 2001, I was a freelance attached to Bill Johnston Photography and went to Abbey Road Studios to shoot film music composer Jerry Goldsmith recording with the London Symphony Orchestra on the, back then, experimental SACD format.

The pictures all went to Bill Johnston, so I never saw them, but they seem to have surfaced on the net.

More than taking the shots was having to sit in the middle of the LSO in Abbey Road being silent during takes, how good is that!





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B&W CHALLENGE – DAY 5: Dairy Ice Cream

Actually shot more in the Summer on a busy Saturday at Whitby Abbey, somehow holds a slight “December” feel.

This is my last “Post a B&W photo each day for five days and nominate a new soul each day to do the same”, so apologies if you wanted to do it, but didn’t get nominated, you will have to self nominate (it doesn’t make you go blind)! 

Today I was going to nominate my old friend Judy. Great and wonderful agitprop pictures, solid and committed photographer and socialist, queen of pinhole too but she had been nominated by Vassa. This is the problem with whoever devised this project. I thought Judy would be able to follow the Englishness of the scene in my shot, so, rather than try and find a second choice to Judy, I have opted to nominate someone with a completely different style and approach, so Carla Gradiski, it’s you.



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B&W CHALLENGE – DAY 4: Umbrella

This is Day 4 of the 5 day challenge via Facebook. The purpose is  to “Post a B&W photo each day for five days and nominate a new soul each day to do the same.”

I am going to switch countries now and pick on Francesca Lazzarini to spread the challenge in Italy. Liquid light maybe?


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B&W CHALLENGE – DAY 3: Show me your willy

Dungeness is a unique environment created from eroded material from the last ice age and is classed as a ‘desert’ . It is also the largest single land mass in Europe that is completely covered in photographers.  Steve Mepsted, included an image from Dungeness in his B&W CHALLENGE, as well as nominating me after Wendy had, so I thought I should add another one.

The thing is Estelle Vincent, you went down there and liked Dungeness too. So, in recognition of that and the years of working together at Zoom In Photography, I nominate you and look forward to seeing some processes I never thought were possible.


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Soviet built sports centre in disrepair covered in snow and minus 16, what better definition of Fun is there?

This is my second picture in my black and white challenge “Post a B&W photo each day for five days and nominate a new soul each day to do the same.”

I tend not to shoot very frequently, but some photographers do. It can lead to disastrous and boring results, but my next nominee Pipi always shoots, and always seems to make a spark and pull something unexpected out, there is that photographers hunger in her eyes, so its over to you Pipina Peperina.



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B&W CHALLENGE – DAY 1: Fortune Cookie

Day 1 of my Facebook B&W challenge. My friend from years ago Wendy Ashton kindly nominated me. She is now in back in California, but was an occasional assistant for me years ago. I can’t find a link to a website for her work , so if you are reading this Wendy, send me a link and I will drop it in.

For anyone who hasn’t seen the challenge before, the idea is to upload a black and white picture each day for 5 days and nominate a new person each day to continue. This is pyramid selling of virtual silver halides that has a problem when the last photographer to do it realises there are no photographers left. Those of us who do not have restraining orders will then have to trawl around the schools and colleges seeking out virgin 5 day B&W challenge people to gratify our needs. Thank goodness there are still enough photographers left for me to find five.

Choosing five pictures is tricky, so I have narrowed it to only images I have never printed/published before that have been shot in the last couple of years, otherwise it is a bit mad!

I have nominated my first photographer Vassa Nicolaou (

Good luck Vassa.

Fortune Cookie

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