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Seems like WordPress gets more clunky and less attractive with every upgrade, so I am going to put more regular updates and pictures on my Instagram/Twitter/Facebook page and just have longer pieces here. So, the links are:

brucetanner_photographer – my main Instagram feed.

brucetanner_eu_photographer – my Instagram feed of images of the campaign to oppose brexit.

I am also on Twitter bruce_t_photo and Facebook @BruceTannerPhotographer

Or you can just go straight to the website.

Look for the dog!
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This is my students End of Year show, do come and see it.

You can see some work at their website

Of the 27 finishing, 9 are non-UK EU nationals, a similar percentage to previous years. They bring a wealth of cultural experience from their countries, inform and enhance the learning of the UK students and receive the benefits a London based photography course can offer. All this will be lost with Brexit, so please come and support them as this may be the last time we have such a multicultural group!

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I am curating this show of former students at Kensington and Chelsea College. Do come, great work.

If you can’t make it, then the site is here.

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The Bridge


Back in 2013, the body of a local councillor  and amusement arcade tycoon was found cut in two at the precise centre of the bridge which links the Isle of Sheppey with England. Because of the position of the body, it was not clear whether the Kent police should call upon the services of Sheerness Police Station (Millennium Way, Sheerness ME12 1PA) or the District Commander for Swale located a bit further away in Sittingbourne (Central Ave, Sittingbourne ME10 4NR).

Chief Inspector Tony Henley of Kent Police, said: ‘The integration of local policing resources across the borough will increase my team’s flexibility in responding to Swale’s specific needs. For example, a shift pattern has been introduced that is designed to give a more consistent level of policing on the Island and Faversham.

‘Local police will continue to enjoy strong relationships with key partners such as Swale Borough Council and Kent County Council Community Wardens’.

So an uneasy partnership was developed between the two investigating officers over this serious crime……..

End of the world

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Focussing Screens

This is for the photographers looking at this, but it doesn’t have a photograph! I don’t normally push products, but this one is brilliant and not really heard of in the UK.

When all lenses were manual focus, camera manufacturers introduced different aids for focussing, the most popular being split image. Once auto-focus arrived, these disappeared and plain screens with AF points are now normal.

I had misgivings over the accuracy of some of these in subjective terms – where did you focus to put something on the edge of a particular depth of field, in landscapes hyperfocal distance was a problem as AF chose infinity!

With my Nikon D600, I tried hard with my older AIS manual lenses to focus but it wasn’t easy and they are so sharp with a lovely colour rendition.

Then I read about a company Focussing Screen (in Taiwan) who adapt the bright K3 screen for the manual FM3a to fit a Nikon D600.

So, I bought one and it has just arrived. 10 minutes to fit it and, fantastic, I can use all my manual lenses accurately, control depth of field and hyperfocal distance all using a clean bright viewfinder with a SPLIT IMAGE centre.

So, photography friends, you will understand how useful this is, anyone else would have given up reading this earlier on!

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Meanwhile in Brixton

Brixton Ritzy

Monday 11th January – a street party in Brixton to celebrate the life of David Bowie.

Hastily organised via Facebook…… dancing, singing and drinking…….












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Delhi Bites


Season Greetings from Streatham Hill

Finally, the crowd control barriers used in previous years have gone and the elegant simplicity of the Streatham Hill festive tree offset by the picket fence (from Poundland) can now be seen, it brings warmth to my heart. Another picture of it? Yes, why not, and with the fairy lights on.

Only in Streatham Hill can you get a curry with your Christmas tree. Seasons Greetings to everyone.


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Thirsty Batman

A world so full of superheros, that sometimes you just pass on by.

Took my nerdling to London Comic Con, my only regret was just taking a compact camera, but I will know next time.



I suppose I don’t quite understand the need to stagger round with an enormous cardboard gun on the Docklands Light Railway, but I can’t knock the enthusiasm. Poor Batman, no Robin it seems.


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This is my students end of year show, do come if you can, lots of blood, sweat and tears got them here.

If you can’t make it, you can still see some of the work in the on-line catalogue.

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It’s not the Greeks……

Visited friends in Germany earlier in the year, not everything in Germany is like Schloss Elmau.




1,400 km of inner border, debt collecting and shopping malls, all in a couple of afternoons.

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