Hidden Rivers



Hidden Rivers is my full time students end of year show. It opens on 17th July and you are most welcome to join me at the Private View.

This years work contains an amazing variety of both conventional and experimental images put together by a strong and cohesive bunch of photographers.

Don’t take my word for it, come to the show, or if you can’t come, take a look at the online CATALOGUE.

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F-Stop Printing Calculator App

Hi all darkroom boys and girls,

My F-Stop Printing Calculator App is now live and available for iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android gadgets.

It has some advantages over the web version in that it is portable and it has a red light mode allowing it to be used, with care and Aiplane mode switched on, inside the darkroom where you need it.

Best of all, it is free, has no ads and no in app purchases.

Digitaltruth Photo have built it, so you can find it on their site. Click the icon.



You can also reach it via my support pages for the web app by clicking here.

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Darkroom Courses after Easter

Darkroom Courses after Easter

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F-Stop Printing Calculator now live, AND FREE

Quick and short post. My F-Stop Printing Calculator is now live, the link is the F-Stop Printing tab at the top of this page. There is an explanation of how to use it and why this technique is magic as well.

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Minus 16 in Tallinn


Just back from an amazing week teaching students in Tallinn, Estonia. Mainly studio sessions, and a very full week of teaching, so I did not get a huge amount of time to be outside getting pictures for myself, especially since the days were very short.

So, just around 30 in total. A few pictures with the Horizont, but it jammed in the extreme cold because the film got too stiff and wouldn’t bend backwards around the spool, but the Xpan carried on working.


Also experienced for the first time the sensation of my finger freezing to the lens!


So, next years Christmas cards are all sorted with this former Soviet building (shot above) constructed as part of the Moscow Olympics, now crumbling.


Just one more, I wanted to thank all the people who were involved in my trip. The college canteen produced the most beautiful college food I have ever had thanks to the manager and chef. Grabbed the shot below at the end of lunch.


I like to work with the sense of space and emptiness panoramic images give. It can be harder with other formats.


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Capitalism can fuck off

Capitalism can fuck off

It is nice to be able to have my Horizont back!

This Soviet camera made in 1969 is a beautiful swing lens machine (sometimes called a turret camera) which makes it possible to shoot in a confined space, such as this demo against Education cuts, without getting wide angle distortion. And, of course, appropriate to use this camera in the context of the subject.

It has been away in Canada, sadly on its own, having its 45 year old foam light seals replaced with new neoprene ones and a general service. In the UK, it is very difficult to find someone willing to take on this job.


Shot inside Battersea Power Station, London, the swing lens can also include a massive angle of allowing, in this case, a whole inside wall to be included and, by tipping the camera, huge curved distortion. The shot at the top of my blog was done (pre-service) on the South Bank in London where, in common with many panoramic cameras, the ability to include more than one story in the shot.

It is about to go on another journey, taking me with it this time, to Tallinn in Estonia, the closest it has been to its country of origin (do cameras feel homesick? – no, they are machines!), to take some pictures there while I am teaching some lighting.

I will add a movie of the swing swinging in a later post. Fantastic 58mm x 24mm negs, people with no idea they are being photographed, and looking nothing like a DSLR.


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Darkroom Courses

Darkroom Courses

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